A colophon is a brief description of publication or production notes.

Include information about your narrative design somewhere within the

design – small, modest, descriptive. Image above from the Common Press – Penn’s

letterpress studio.


Digital Story Telling

Here is an interesting site. Our projects do not include sound and words, but the visual part is inspiring:

Katherine might find this interesting:

found this. =]

John Carpenter!!

Remember when we saw the clip about the guy who found a pair of glasses that let him see scary aliens? Well, the director is none other than John Carpenter, master of horror. He was behind “The Thing” and “Halloween”. He’s been gone for a while, since he last did “The Fog”, but here’s an article about how he’s making another movie.

More importantly, the article also mentions that there may be a remake of “They Live!” We should go on opening day and wear the same cheesy glasses 🙂


Christoph Niemann (2)

I previously posted some pictures from this artist but here is another sample of his work.

I stumbled upon this picture and I thought it would be the type of thing that would be good to include in a narrative since it shows an action. Since we’re using photography we’re often able to capture things that show an action without recording an entire motion. This picture is very cartoony but it serves for the concept anyways I guess. The rest of his site is mostly just silly drawings but here’s the link anyway if anyone wants to see.


i meant to post these before but i forgot. i just think they’re pretty cool.