John Oswald is a Canadian composer and sound artist best known for developing the concept/practice of “plunderphonics,” which involves appropriating, transforming, and composing with highly recognizable sampled fragments of popular audio recordings by artists like the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Beethoven, Dolly Parton, etc. While this approach is now commonplace in music of all stripes, Oswald was an early pioneer. His work also earned him some serious pre-Napster litigiousness on behalf of the RIAA and its Canadian counterpart that resulted in the mandatory destruction of all copies of the original Plunderphonics records. But most importantly for our purposes, Oswald’s swashbuckling ethos extends to his photomontage cover art referencing MJ, Springsteen, Jim Morrison, and others (posted below). I can’t imagine why anyone would object…

More info on Oswald and his projects at PLUNDERPHONICS