There are only two things that I like about Iranian culture: the food and the carpets.  I am especially enamored by Tabriz rugs. But I have always felt very guilty about my attachment to Persian carpets, because of the issue of child labor which is now limited to India and Pakistan.

I am happy that we live in an age where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel for social justice. In this context Loos’s concern was very valid about the oppression of the lower classes when it came to producing decorations. But now we can see how it is possible to continue the art/craft while maintaining social justice.

My question is, and I am wondering if anyone knows where the answer would be: Was the middle class, at the time when Loos was lecturing, making decorations and enjoying owning them or not? My suspicion is that they were, which makes Loos’s argument all the more weaker. Were can I find info about that?

I will be posting content relevant to projects 2  and 3 soon. It is just that this has been on my mind.