Here are three actions that we discussed in class.

Threshold in Photoshop eliminates all tone in a continuous tone image and reduces the image to a high contrast black or white image.

Open an image in Photoshop and select the menu item Image and scroll down to Adjustments and over to Threshold

Adjust the levels (between 0 and 255) and click OK

Choose menu item Select and scroll down to Color Range…

Select a black or white part of the image and click OK

Go the the Paths Window and (under the small triangle in upper right) choose Make Work Path

Choose a Tolerance (I think it starts at .5 pixels and goes up from there – try Tolerance 1 pixels – and click OK

This will create paths (vectors) for each of the black or white shapes.

To select the paths use the Direct Selection tool – near the bottom of the Photoshop tool bar – and select, copy and paste into Illustrator.

When the vectors are pasted into Illustrator Group them and fill with a color so you can see the texture.

Live Trace in Illustrator converts an image placed in Illustrator into a vector that can be edited (like the technique above)

Select the image placed in Illustrator

Choose menu item Object and scroll down to Live Trace.

Choose Make and Expand and the image should change to vectors.

Free Transform in Illustrator lets you change the shape and orientation of a vector object.

Select the the Free Transform Tool and the object you want to edit and distort freely

To simulate perspective, select the object and click on the bounding box while holding down Shift+Option+Command – then drag

texture sample made with Threshold, Live Trace and distorted with Free Transform:

also see the texture site CG Textures

Please add additional techniques and examples that you find.